Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Textofiction is now closed. We will not be accepting or publishing any more submissions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We will be leaving the site up for visitors to enjoy stories and poems we’ve published in the past. All the best to our contributors.

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The goldfish had linked the sprinkler system to the fishbowl. Now, he and the cat eyed each other, wondering who would make the first move.

A. T. Greenblatt loves good books, puzzles, and dark chocolate. Would happily spend life traveling and daydreaming. Works as an engineer by day and writes by night.

The survivors compiled a book of their life stories, inspiration to peers suffering the same thing. It didn’t sell.

S. Kay (@blueberrio): nihilistic pop microfiction.

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my tongue knows only apples
so I dream of mangos and papayas
lovingly, and without your permission

Peter Schwartz’s poetry has been featured in The CollagistThe Columbia ReviewDiagram, and Opium Magazine. His latest collection Old Men, Girls, and Monsters was published as part of the Achilles Chapbook Series. He’s an interviewer for the PRATE Interview Series, a regular contributor to The Nervous Breakdown, and the art editor for DOGZPLOT.


I took care replacing the turf, but I see blood from the corner of my eye. Or dormant poppy seeds sprung to life after the disturbance.

Neil Willis is too lazy to write anything too long. He has had work published at Every Day Poets and has had a short story accepted for a forthcoming anthology to be published by Blood Bound Books.

The new wave song evokes memories of the band. He promises his daughter to make a comeback on that detox reality show. She refuses to watch.

S. Kay (@blueberrio): nihilistic pop.

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A luminous robot angel picked her up from her place in the queue at the Supermarket checkout and placed her back in her bed.

Stella Pierides (@stellapierides) writes prose and poetry. Her novel Alexandrias 40: In the Shade of the Lemon Tree is due out late 2010.

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